Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Introduction to Man Seeks God by Eric Weiner

Author Eric Weiner explains that his quest to find  God began in an emergency room. While he was waiting for innumerable tests and several doctors to tell him that his agonizing medical problem was really gas, Weiner was accosted by a nurse. In my several emergency room experiences, nurses have either told me to fill out medical forms, move, or stop drinking that coffee in here - comments that would not warrant a book. Weiner's nurse asked him "Have you found your God yet?" Instead of viewing this comment as just another part of the typical depressing emergency room experience (along with the screaming, the blood, and hours stuck in a hallway because there were too few doctors and too many patients), Weiner was precipitated into a spiritual crisis. He decided to explore eight religious faiths in the hopes that he would, indeed, find his God.

During the next two months, I hope to lead discussions (or at least make some posts) on all eight of these religions which include:
  • God is love: Sufism
  • God is a state of mind: Buddhism
  • God is personal: Franciscans
  • God is far out: Raelism
  • God is nothing: Taoism
  • God is magical: Wicca
  • God is an animal: Shamanism
  • God is complicated: Kabbalah
I don't plan on doing them in the order in which Weiner wrote the book, but just as inspiration strikes. I will do a post as an overview of the actual religion, and then one or more posts on how Weiner chose to experience it.

For those blog readers who have not read the book, reviews and info can be found at :




My first post will be about Catholic religion and the Franciscans.

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