Monday, October 24, 2011

Hoarding and Creativity revisited

"Maybe hoarding is creativity run amok."(Stuff, p. 211)

" "She's like a savant", Ashley said. "Her brain can see things mine can't. I can see the beauty in objects, but it's like she sees the atoms of objects. She sees more than anyone I know and attaches more meaning to each piece of it." "(Stuff, p. 221)

A common characteristic of hoarders in Stuff is their creativity. Alvin, Irene, and Madeline all have the ability to make rich connections between people and objects. Daniel saved items in the hopes of someday building with them. Madeline made "stuff structures" - three-dimenional art, out of how she left her clutter.

Unfortunately, hoarders never make final creations with their clutter. They are able to conceptualize in their head but not act upon their creative ideas. Something causes a disconnect between the desire and the will.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard of artists that have actually created sculptures out of junk. I guess not every hoarder doesn't get to realize their dreams, it's only that too few of them have the time or discipline to do so.