Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Suburbanization of New York: Is the World's Greatest City Becoming Just Another Town? Ed. Jerilou Hammett and Kingsley Hammett (and happiness)

For the past month, I have been reading about, blogging about, and discussing happiness. One of the factors that contributes to happiness is a sense of place. New York City has traditionally been a city where people have tried to find happiness through a sense of belonging. Some people emigrate from small towns in the search of endless sources of culture, or acceptance of alternative lifestyles. Other people emigrate from another country in the hopes of leading a more fulfilling life.

I moved back to NYC in 1994. In the seventeen years that I have lived in the city, I have seen many changes in not just Brooklyn, but also in Queens and Manhattan. The essays in this book are not only personal accounts by people about how they have seen "their" New York change, but also analyses of how forces within the city have caused the city to change. For the next month, we will discuss how the changes in the city are increasing and decreasing its inhabitants senses of happiness.

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