Monday, April 18, 2011

Yet more decluttering

On Saturday, I helped my sister with her final decluttering. We drove a huge carload of clothes, craft supplies, and school supplies to a family shelter in Queens. They were somewhat staggered by the amount of donated items, but they seemed happy.

Then today, I read one of my favorite blogs by an author named Vivian Swift:

Vivian also decluttered, but did it with much more style. She donated her items to an animal shelter thrift shop, then went for a hike with a shelter dog, and then bought loads of tasty Dutch baked goods. I knew we should have celebrated our final decluttering trip with a coffee run. Vivian's commenters have some interesting ideas about what makes them happy (it isn't always decluttering).


Anonymous said...

The Vivian Swift blog is very funny, yet poignant. She is right in saying that de-cluttering can be hard emotionally and psychologically - which is why people end up literally buried in stuff. For many, it isn't the actual stuff, but the emotional connection, sentiment, the physical reminders of our past lives and lost ones. Glad she got past all that!

Still, driving several hours upstate to unload a car of stuff would seem to make the process even more difficult! However, if she got some satisfaction out of it, tasty pie AND Dutch "drop" (licorice) and "stroop waffles" - more power to her!

Your sister should have definitely treated you to some coffee (and pie) after your help. She was probably too traumatized after donating so much of her stuff! Tell her to check out this day's posting and maybe you can guilt her into a belated coffee break!

Heloise said...

A clean house is a sign of a sick mind.

Tracey said...

This a beautiful book called "Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life" All of the homeowners profiled in the book have an overwhelming passion that comes out in their house: