Sunday, April 10, 2011

Memories and Happiness

One of Rubin's happiness resolutions involved creating "a treasure trove of happy memories". Since she is apparently an extremely organized person as well as a devoted mother, she creates memory file boxes for her daughters. She builds her own scrapbooks with She hires a professional photographer to take family portraits.

I am not photo person. With the exception of my brother and some friends who are talented photographers, I can tolerate very people who show me large amounts of personal photos. My happy memories are triggered by a certain angle or shade of light, by music, and by food.

However, I realize that (in the US at any rate), I am abnormal. Many Americans greatly value family movies, photos, and scrapbooks. Whenever I walk into a Michaels, I am dazzled by the complexity of American scrap booking. My photos are tossed into a plastic milk crate on a high shelf in a closet. As I read Rubin's book, I found myself wondering if I am missing out on the happy memories because I am not a photo person.

My questions are:

  • do people actually use these keepsakes to remind themselves of happy memories?

  • are tangible treasure troves needed to create memory treasure troves?

  • is the need to always catch that moment a cause of unhappiness for some people?

Please comment. My next post will be on decluttering.

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