Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture by Ellen Ruppel Shell

Outsourcing and Fashion:

In the book, Shell connects the ephermeral nature of products with outsourcing. In the past, clothes were bought with the expectation that they would be an investment - something that would be worn for a long time. However, as fashion evolved, courtesty of the marketing industry, clothing became ephemeral. People bought clothes to stay in fashion, not as a long-term investment. Once again, clothing manufacture was outsourced in order to keep prices down.

Today at noon, a rally was held in the Garment District as part of an attempt to fight the dissolution of that area as clothing manufacture is outsourced:


A panel discussion about the rally (which is supported by several designers) as well as the outsourcing, will take place on the 22nd.

Some questions:

  • If you recycle your clothes when you're bored with them, then is ephemeral fashion OK?
  • Is it possible that people will be willing to pay more for ethical clothes and resign themselves to buying fewer?
  • Is vintage really more ethical - is it OK to buy used clothing because it is one more step away from a factory?
  • should NYC focus on something besides the fashion industry and resign itself to the days of the Garment District being those of the recent past?

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Oscar W. said...

New York has to find other industries than garment manufacturing and finance. It has to diversify into newer areas capable of creating higher-paying jobs.