Thursday, April 15, 2010

You are not a Gadget - Jaron Lanier

Information Should Not be Free

Lanier is not a big believer in free information/media/services of the internet. On one hand, he does have a point - people do need to be paid so that they can fulfill their basic needs for living. Also, it is not fair to have one's ideas stolen and to not be given credit. However, as a a poster on this blog noted, not everyone is after fame. Many people believe that putting their ideas out in the open will benefit others and help make a better, more creative world. As such, they view any licensing as restrictive of personal freedoms:

Questions to consider include:

Is it possible for people to support themselves as artists and/or creators by supplying their work for free on the internet?

Is this supplying merely a way to lure people into supporting the artist in a traditional way (such as buying their book or music)

Will software that restricts users to conforming to copyright be viewed as violating users' rights?

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Oscar W. said...

This question reminds me of the early days of software development. Many espoused the view that software code and algorithms should not be copyrighted. Over time, as the value of software became more tangible, vendors became strict about managing the use of and access to their products. If there's a lot of money involved, someone will push to get what they feel is their fair share from the use of a product they create.