Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Social Networking and Narcissism

Twenge focuses on how narcissism is fueled by social networking. In order to continue to exist, social networking providers must convince people that it is essential that they broadcast their lives and/or ideas 24/7. As Twenge points out, this can be somewhat excessive. The average person's life is just not that fascinating to large numbers of strangers. Also, people develop an inflated sense of self. After reading the book, I set myself up with a facebook account. However, I rarely post since there is nothing about my life that others want or need to hear.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I can write a book now too, called Social Narcissism and Networking! As I'd say most on fb or mysp etc sites are folks who already enjoy exposing themselves! Conversely, many introverts perhaps prefer (anonymous) blogging and twtr etc. Which presents a different form of extroversion because some will write way too much inner detail as a result of the web cover! I'll have to check out this book you mention - thanks

Anonymous said...

I agree that social sites can easily be abused by narcissists, but they may not find it as easy as they think to attract people to their sites and pages as they hope. I see twitter as being the one that is most prone to abuse by narcissists, since tweeters are assuming their lives are interesting enough that people will hang on their every tweet. How crushing for those that do it, but don't get any interest.

Anonymous said...

Social networking has become, for some people, a outlet for just plain whining. I have 20-something relatives that I keep in touch with on Facebook and they comment every hour or so on their moods, physical complaints and just moment by moment thoughts. They must think everyone cares and the rest of us are indeed lured into commenting back because otherwise it seems as if their contacts don't care. These relationships are in a sense too intimate.

Anonymous said...

Hi it's me again, anonymous from comment 1. Glad to see a thread here

Interesting u think twtr most narsy - I think fb and similar where ppl spill their lives out in 3d with profiles, photos and other blingsanity

Good point abt [these] ppl not necess attracting readers but most seem to already have their birds of a feather fan club (it seems to me)

Extroverts thrive on social (media) and die without it. Introvs pretty much are posating for themselves