Tuesday, October 21, 2008

“Soon she has ten bras in her hands, she has twelve, fifteen. She takes them to the fitting room and despite the pain caused by the chafing tries a few of them on. She looks at herself in the mirror. The idea is to look sexy again. And for whom exactly? Yourself, of course. Yes, well, that’s al wonderfully self-affirming and very strong-minded as any decent woman should be these days, but let’s just face facts here and say that when a woman – no, when a person is thinking about feeling sexy, it is always with the idea of someone else in mind.”
--from “The Thing to Do and the Place to Be”

Lynn’s chapter, titled “The Thing to Do and the Place to Be,” comes seemingly out of the blue and offers wonderful insight into one character’s humanity. Lynn has been on the outside and suddenly we see her from the inside. We don’t get this kind of individual insight into any of the other characters.

While you were reading this chapter, did you think, what’s going on here? Who is supplying us with this perspective/information? And then how did you feel about the revelation at the end that this was Hank Neary’s interpretation?

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