Monday, December 3, 2007

"Phenomenon" by Sylvia Browne

The paranormal world in which Browne spends a great deal of her time is fascinating, informative, thrilling and God-centered...With the aid of her Spirit Guide, Francine, she is able to give us some input about the other side, and where it's situated comparatively to the earth. Through her eyes, the paranormal world isn't all that mysterious. She would love to lift the veil and shine a light on those monsters in your room you've spent your life being afraid of, to show you that it's just a harmless pile of clothes on a chair.

To Browne, even if you're not eager to confide in other people about your experiences because they may think that you're crazy, you would feel so much better knowing that there really is an explanation for what happened, that there are even words for these things, and that there are other perfectly sane people they've happened to.

As far as your own experiences have shown you, do you think that each of us is equipped with a gift that is unique? Do you believe in these spirits that churches called "guardian angels" and Browne calls "spirit guides"?

About the Author

"Sylvia Browne was born in Kansas City, Missouri. At three years old, Sylvia's psychic powers were revealed when she announced that her grandfather was dead (he was), and that she would have a baby sister in three years.

"Just as predicted, Sharon was born one month short of Sylvia's sixth birthday. Sylvia's grandmother, Ada Coil, was herself a medium; and Celeste, Sylvia's mother, grew up in a home where visions were commonplace. Although she herself was not psychic, Celeste accepted it as normal, if somewhat annoying. She did not welcome more eccentricity in her life, however, and would do nothing to encourage it in her daughter. Their lifelong relationship was strained, but Sylvia's relationship with her father was very close and loving.

"Sylvia is the number # 1 New York Times best selling author and world famous psychic who appears regularly on the Montel Williams Show and Larry King Live, as well as making countless other media and public appearances. She also the president of the Sylvia Browne Corporation, and founder of her church, the Society of Novus Spirit which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2006.

"With her down-to-earth personality and great sense of humor, Sylvia Browne thrills audiences on her lecture tours, and she's still found the time to write a number of immensely popular books (she has a master's degree in English literature). Sylvia lives in California and plans to write as long as she can."

(from Sylvia Browne's "about" page on her website)