Saturday, September 1, 2007

Interpreter of Maladies: “A Temporary Matter”

In “A Temporary Matter,” a couple’s world is altered when the electricity and water in their apartment are shut off every evening for one hour. By the end, both aknowledge their detachment from each other and reveal secret betrayals.

It seems inconceivable that couples who commit to spending their lives together find themselves unable even to make conversation. Yet this seems to be a common type of marital strife. What keeps Shoba and Shukumar– and perhaps other couples in reality - from discussing their feelings?

Why are Shoba and Shukumar seemingly able to remember their love for each other in the darkness each night? Or is something else taking place?

Do you think Shoba and Shukumar’s marriage could have been saved had they voiced their frustrations before this week?

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aby said...

I think something else was happening. the child was red and not brown. shobha wanted an apartment alone. she was definitley having an affair.